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Significant Tornadoes in South Carolina 2000

*Source - Storm Data Publication published by the National Climatic Data Center and severe weather reports issued by the National Weather Service.


Date County Description Length (miles) Width (yards)
1 February 14, 2000 Aiken (F0) Storm survey found a small F0 track in area five miles south of Aiken that was reported by EOC personnel. Only damage was to trees. <1 50
2 March 11, 2000 Spartanburg (F0) A fire chief observed a small and brief tornado touchdown in an open field near Cherokee Springs. No property damage occurred, but there were broken limbs and evidence of a cyclonic circulation in the field. The tornado was spawned by one thunderstorm in a line of storms that was moving across the Upstate. <1 20
3 March 16, 2000 Richland (F0) An F0 touched down in the forest area of Fort Jackson taking down trees and killing one deer. <1 100
4 March 16, 2000 Richland (F0) A tornado touched down along SC hwy 86 two miles west-southwest of McEntire ANGB and took down some trees. <1 50
5 March 16, 2000 Sumter (F0) Spotter three miles west-southwest of Rembert observed a tornado touch down on his property that took down some trees. <1 40
6 April 3, 2000 Pickens (F1) A tornado was touched down in Clemson between 355/400 EST. The tornado crossed SC Highway 123 several times. Damage was mainly in the form of trees on homes and vehicles, but there was some light structural damage as well. Thunderstorm winds blew down trees and power lines in spots from Anderson to Greenville and Spartanburg. 3 50
7 May 25, 2000 Union (F1) A Tornado touched down in Adamsburg @ 1900 EST. A funnel cloud was spotted in Baton Rouge @ 1910 EST 1 20
8 June 16, 2000 Oconee (F0) A Tornado touched down in Westminster @ 1923 EST. A small section of the roof of a store was torn off. Siding was blown off of one house and another house was damaged. Several trees and power lines were also downed in the same area. A trained spotter observed a funnel cloud nine minutes prior west of Walhalla. Property damage $5000. <1 50
9 June 16, 2000 Oconee (F0) A tornado touched down in Tamassee @ 1944 EST. <1 50
10 June 22, 2000 Hampton (F1) Numerous trees down and minor roof damage. 2 175
11 July 22, 2000 Fairfield (F0) Damage survey confirmed an F0 touched down on hwy 383 seven miles northwest of Jenkinsville and took down trees and did minor damage to a roof on a home. <1 25
12 July 23, 2000 Georgetown (F0) Waterspout came ashore two miles southwest of Litchfield Beach near Georgiville, striking the Litchfield Inn (no damage reported) and shattering thewindows of several automobiles. Property damage: $2000 1 40
13 July 23, 2000 Charleston (F0) Waterspout came ashore briefly on the Isle of Palms and damaged two homes under construction. A flower pot was thrown through a car window a block away. <1 40
14 August 3, 2000 Charleston (F0) A waterspout that was moving just off the coast of the Isle of Palms came ashore briefly and threw around a couple of beach chairs and some beach towels. The waterspout dissipated almost immediately once it came ashore. <1 25
15 September 18, 2000 Georgetown (F1) A tornado touched down on Waccamaw Neck four miles south of Georgetown. Numerous trees were down in the path of the tornado, one damaging the church at Friendfield Village in Hobcaw. Property damage: $8000. <1 30
16 September 22, 2000 Allendale (F1) Damage to a tin roof on a frame home, a hog feeder damaged, minor damage to several brick homes and several trees down. The tornado touched down one mile northwest of Martin. Property damage: $10,000. 1 350
17 September 22, 2000 Allendale (F2) Fatality occurred in a camper that was one of 10 other campers at a hunt club. The camper disintegrated. One of the other campers was turned on its side while the others remained upright. Also, there were three mobile homes destroyed, major damage to two mobile homes, minor damage to six mobile homes and major damage to a frame home along with numerous trees down or snapped 10 to 15 feet above the ground. This tornado continued into Barnwell County. The two tornadoes that occurred in Allendale County were associated with the remnants of T.S. Helene as it moved across Georgia and South Carolina. Property damage: $290,000. 5 750
18 September 22, 2000 Barnwell (F0) Damage survey found a tornado path along Lyndhurst Road five miles west of Kline taking down only trees. <1 60
19 September 23, 2000 Bamberg (F1) Storm survey found a weak F1 touched in Denmark on Lee Rd. It took down seven pecan trees in an orchard, overturned a doublewide mobile home, and damaged the roofs of seven homes. 1 100
20 September 25, 2000 Aiken (F0) An F0 took tops out of pine trees along SC hwy 421 between N Augusta and Gloverville. <1 40
21 December 16, 2000 Abbeville (F0) A short-lived tornado touch down shook a house and tore off a satellite dish two miles west of Calhoun Falls. <1 20

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