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Significant Tornadoes in South Carolina 2006

*Source - Storm Data Publication published by the National Climatic Data Center and severe weather reports issued by the National Weather Service.


Date County Description Length (miles) Width (yards)
1 January 13, 2006 Lexington (F0) Five miles west of Irmo waterspout came onshore near Old Forge Point and took down a few trees before dissipating. <1 40
2 January 13, 2006 Richland (F0) A waterspout came onshore near Old Forge Point two miles southwest of Ballentine, briefly taking down some trees, then moved across the bay to Marina Road Point and took down a few more trees before dissipating. <1 40
3 January 13, 2006 Bamberg (F0) Sheriff reported a small tornado touched down on Jay Street near Bamberg and took down a grove of trees. <1 40
4 January 13, 2006 Orangeburg (F0) An F0 touched down along Calvery Road two miles south-southwest of Cordova taking out some trees and doing minor damage to an outbuilding. <1 50
5 January 13, 2006 Orangeburg (F0) An F0 touched down briefly along SC4108 five miles northwest of Bowman and took out some trees. Neighbors said it hit around 9pm. The roof of a mobile home was peeled back with minor damage to the sides as well. Property damage: $5000. <1 50
6 January 13, 2006 Clarendon (F1) A strong tornado touched down five miles west-northwest of Manning and continued NNE to one mile north of Alcolu. Six mobile homes were completely destroyed, 9 had moderate damage, 16 had minor damage, 2 framed homes had minor damage and many trees and powerlines were down. There were 18 injuries, 9 of which were sent to the hospital. Property damage: $500,000. 6 440
7 January 17, 2006 Laurens (F0) This very small, weak tornado touched down at the Mountville post office, tearing the aluminum roof off of a loading dock and scattering the debris about 100 feet. Property damage: $1000. <1 20
8 February 4, 2006 Richland (F0) A small tornado intermittently touched down starting near SC944 in Richland county ten miles west-southwest of Blythewood and continued to Cedar Lake Drive in Fairfield county six miles west-northwest of Blythewood. Only trees were taken down. 5 60
9 April 8, 2006 Charleston (F1) A tornado touched down along Willtown road four miles southwest of Adams Run near Minnie Hughs Elementary School and then tracked east crossing Highway 174 just north of the intersection with Moffett Road. The tornado then moved through a farm before moving across Toogoodoo road near the intersection of Oakville Road and then lifted in a marshy area near Toogoodoo creek four miles southeast of Adams Run. Numerous trees, large limbs, and power lines were damaged along the path and one house partially collapsed due to the tornado. One person was reported injured 5 100
10 April 8, 2006 Charleston (F0) A weak tornado tracked across the Charleston Neck area. Initial touchdown was near the Dolphin Marina and the Liquid Transport Corporation along Austin Avenue. Several trees were blown down and a large deck was torn away from a trailer and blown 30 feet against a fence. The tornado tracked across Interstate 26 and Meeting Street. Several trees in the area were twisted and snapped off. Also, a Kangaroo gas station experienced minor damage. The tornado moved onto the far southern end of the old Navy Base and then across the Cooper River before crossing onto Daniel Island in southern Berkeley county. At the Cooper River Marina, tornado winds shifted around several large picnic tables, blew large dock containers into the river, and destroyed the wind measuring equipment. 3 50
11 April 8, 2006 Charleston (F0) A weak tornado touched down on Daniel Island six miles southwest of Wando just north of the intersection of Island Park Drive and and River Landing Drive and moved east lifting just past the Family Circle Tennis Center. The tornado broke out the door of a business and uprooted several trees along the path. Two large banners were severely damaged, two heavy duty tents were toppled, a metal support beam for one of the tents was snapped, a panel of the tennis scoreboard was damaged, and a temporary light display fell onto a vehicle at the Family Circle Tennis Center. <1 50
12 April 8, 2006 Charleston (F0) A weak tornado touched down briefly two miles west of Charleston in the West Ashley section of Charleston. The tornado touched down near the intersection of Coburg Road and Highway 17, moved across Highway 17 and lifted near it's intersection with Magnolia Road one mile west-northwest of Charleston. The tornado blew out windows and caused minor structural damage to several businesses, and knocked down several large trees. <1 50
13 April 8, 2006 Berkeley (F0) A weak tornado tracked across the Cooper River from Charleston county into Daniel Island before dissipating. Damage was limited to trees knocked down along the river. <1 50
14 April 26, 2006 Newberry (F0) A supercell produced an F0 tornado that fell trees on a home severely damaging it. The twister also took down other trees along its path, some across railroad tracks and others across hwy 202 near I-20. The began near Prosperity and ended eight miles east northeast. Property damage: $70,000. 8 60
15 April 26, 2006 Fairfield (F0) A supercell produced an F0 tornado that intermittently touched down taking trees and powerlines down along its path. Trees and/or powerlines were down on hwys 213, 70,48,54,269, and Reservoir road. The tornado began 10 miles southwest of Winnsboro and ended four miles southwest of Winnsboro. 12 60
16 April 26, 2006 Kershaw (F0) An tornado touched down just behind a car dealership in Lugoff then proceeded down Alder road and severely damaged a storage barn. Property damage: $10,000. 1 60
17 April 26, 2006 Kershaw (F0) An F0 touched down in the Charlotte-Tomlinson area four miles east-southeast of Camden and took down some trees. 1 60
18 April 26, 2006 Clarendon (F0) Storm survey found trees down by an F0 tornado along hwy 261 starting 11 miles east of Manning. The twister continued across the county line into Williamsburg county and touched down again near Martins Crossroads. <1 60
19 April 26, 2006 Colleton (F1) A tornado touched down briefly about 9.5 miles WSW of Walterboro in Colleton County at 655 PM EDT. The tornado touched down several additional times briefly as it traveled ESE 1.5 miles. The tornado lifted for the last time 8 miles WSW of Walterboro at 658 PM EDT. The Tornado uprooted and snapped off numerous large trees with one falling on and crushing a vehicle and another landing on a lawn tractor. A trampoline was tossed 100 feet...several screens and a screen door were blown off a house and could not be found. There was also shingle damage and minor roof damage to the house. A haybarn was also damaged. Winds were estimated between 80 and 90 mph. 2 75
20 April 26, 2006 Dorchester (F0) A tornado touched down 5 miles SSE of Givhans at 712 PM EDT and traveled about 500 yards along Walterboro Road before lifting. The tornado uprooted or snapped off numerous large trees with one falling on a tractor trailer. Large limbs were also broken off. The maximum width of the tornado was 80 yards with winds estimated between 60 and 70 mph. <1 80
21 April 26, 2006 Dorchester (F1) Tornado occurred in the Iron Gate Subdivision in Summerville. This tornado touched down about 722 PM EDT and traveled NE about 100 yards before lifting. The tornado uprooted and snapped off numerous trees...tore off shingles...ripped off siding...and blew down a fence. A tree branch fell into a side door on a garage and knocked the door open. The wind from the tornado entered the garage through this door and partially pushed out the garage door. Maximum width of the tornado was 40 yards with estimated winds of 75 to 85 mph. <1 40
22 April 26, 2006 Berkeley (F1) Tornado snapped off large trees and broke off large tree limbs in the Francis Marion National Forest. Tornado touched down about 7 miles east of Huger at 754 pm and traveled East near 5 miles before dissipating about 4 miles north of Awendaw in Charleston County at 803 pm. The tornado was rated low end F1 with winds in the 75 to 85 mph range and at the widest point was 200 yards wide. 5 200
23 May 7, 2006 Berkeley (F0) A tornado produced minor damage to a mobile home off highway 52, two miles south of St Stephen. Winds estimated at 50 to 60 mph. <1 30
24 May 7, 2006 Orangeburg (F0) An F0 touched down several times along a path from five miles east-southeast of Orangeburg to two miles southwest of Santee. The twister traveled along and near highway 301 and took down trees near 301 and hwys 793, 167, 178, and 15. 12 60
25 May 7, 2006 Bamberg (F0) Storm survey found trees and powerlines down south of Midway off hwy 78, seven miles east of Bamberg. Utility company was present repairing powerlines. 1 60
26 May 14, 2006 Darlington (F1) National Weather Service Storm Survey concluded an F1 tornado with winds estimated to 100 mph tracked along a path 1000 yards long and 15 yards wide causing spotty damage along South Center Rd near the intersection with Lake Swamp Rd. Four homes were damaged and a mobile home and one old house were destroyed. One person suffered minor injuries. The tornado initially touched down seven miles southwest of Darlington. There was also a report of golfball size hail with trees down on houses and barns along South Center Rd. Property damage: $400,000. <1 15
27 May 14, 2006 Florence (F1) National Weather Service conducted a Storm Survey and concluded an F1 tornado with winds estimated around 100 mph snapped and uprooted trees and several buildings sustained structural damage along a path 600 yards long and 15 yards wide in an industrial area along Koppers Rd near Southeastern Steel and Koppers plants in Florence. Three 18 wheeler tractor trailers were flipped and all of the windows of an office building were blown out. Propert damage: $250,000. <1 15
28 May 14, 2006 Florence (F2) A Storm Survey concluded a tornado moved through the Glendale community one mile east of Florence. The majority of damage was F1 with a path 1000 yards long and up to 150 yards wide. There was a small area (150 yards long 20 yards wide) of heavier F2 damage, with winds estimated at 120 mph. Sixty homes were damaged, six of which had major structural damage, largely due to snapped and uprooted trees. The tornado lifted two miles northeast of Florence. The Quinby area had penny to golfball size hail, with trees and power lines down. Property damage: $1.3 million. <1 150
29 May 14, 2006 Berkeley (F0) NWS storm survey confirmed a brief tornado touchdown about 6 miles west-southwest of Cainhoy on Daniel Island. The tornado was on the ground for about 40 yds and was about 25 yds wide. The tornado occurred just northwest of the intersection of Enterprise Blvd and Clements Ferry Rd. The tornado snapped off several large trees and large branches. Estimated maximum winds were between 55 and 65 mph. <1 25
30 May 20, 2006 Berkeley (F0) NWS storm survey found many tree tops twisted off and broken one mile north of St Stephen Large bundled stack of culverts blown through a fence along Rediversion Road. Estimated wind speeds of 60 mph with a width of 300 feet and a path length of 1/4 mile. <1 100
31 May 20, 2006 Berkeley (F0) Brief tornado touchdown near Bonneau with winds estimated at 60 mph. A few limbs down near Highway 52. <1 10
32 May 20, 2006 Beaufort (F0) Emergency Manager reports brief touchdown with no damage. <1 10
33 June 13, 2006 Charleston (F0) NWS damage survey confirms brief F0 tornado touch down near the Medical University of South Carolina Hospital. Tree damage was observed at the MUSC Hospital parking lot as well as numerous cars damaged from flying debris at the hospital and nearby hotel parking lot. The tornado crossed Highway 17 and produced additional tree damage off Lockwood Blvd and damaged police cars at the Charleston Police station motorpool. Winds estimated at 60 to 70 mph. Property damage: $3000. 1 30
34 June 13, 2006 Charleston (F0) NWS storm survey confirmed F0 tornado touch down three miles south of Awendaw near Doar Road and Wilson Cemetary Road. Tornado track was from Bulls Bay, crossed the Intercoastal Waterway, and into Charleston County near the Sewee Coastal Retreat Center. Numerous trees damaged and uprooted. Winds estimated to be 60 to 70 mph. 2 30
35 June 13, 2006 Charleston (F0) NWS damage survey determined F0 tornado touched down in Lincolnville near the intersection of Pickens and Lincolnville Roads. Survey determined winds 60 to 70 mph. Tree damage was found along with minor house damage. Property damage: $5000. <1 100
36 June 13, 2006 Berkeley (F0) NWS damage survey confirms F0 tornado touchdown in Cross near the intersection of Mudville Road and Highway 311. There was tree damage, damage to a house, a shed was destroyed, and damage to a carport. Injury occured when a large tree limb dropped onto car. Wind speeds are estimated at 60 to 70 mph. Property damage: $20,000. <1 150
37 November 16, 2006 Clarendon (F1) NWS Storm survey found several touchdowns along a path starting five miles east-southeast of Manning and ending six miles south-southeast of Turbeville. Damage was in rural areas with only trees down. The tornado started out as an F0 and ended as a weak F1. Property damage: $5000. 16 80

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