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Significant Tornadoes in South Carolina 1997

*Source - Storm Data Publication published by the National Climatic Data Center and severe weather reports issued by the National Weather Service.


Date County Description Length (miles) Width (yards)
1 February 21, 1997 Oconee (F0) A tornado touched down briefly three miles southeast of Westminster at 3:20 PM. Property damage: $5,000. <1 25
2 February 21, 1997 Anderson (F1) A small, brief tornado touched down two miles west of Honea Path. The tormado removed a roof from a mobile home, uprooted and snapped off 15 to 20 trees, and did other minor damage. Property damage: $30,000. <1 50
3 February 21, 1997 Spartanburg (F2) A tornado with winds of 120 mph briefly touched down 2 miles north of Roebuck. One home under construction was completely destroyed and blown away by the winds. Three other homes were estimated to be 50-75% destroyed. Several other homes had major structural damage and several had minor damge. Property damage:$330,000. 1 75
4 February 21, 1997 York (F0) A tornado was spotted three miles north-northwest of Clover at 5:20 PM. 2 100
5 March 14, 1997 Charleston (F1) A waterspout moved onshore and caused $30,000 in damage to a home on Sullivan's Island. <1 30
6 March 14, 1997 Charleston (F1) A tornado caused moderate damage to a home and minor damage to two trailers in Awendaw. Property damage: $75,000. <1 30
7 April 22, 1997 Clarendon (F1) A small supercell produced a tornado five miles east-southeast of Turbeville which injured two people, destroyed five mobile homes, and badly damaged several other mobile homes. 1 200
8 April 22, 1997 Dorchester (F1) A tornado one mile west of St. George tore the roof off one trailer and uprooted several trees. Crop damge: $1,000. Property damage: $30,000. 1 25
9 April 22, 1997 Horry (F1) A tornado in Conway injured an infant. Two houses were damaged by fallen trees, and numerous power lines were knocked down. Property damage: $20,000. <1 20
10 July 23, 1997 Lexington (F2) A tornado touched down four miles northeast of Gaston and produced winds up to 150 mph. It killed a 32 year old female and injured six other people. Two homes were destroyed and nine others had major damage. Two apartments (duplex) were destroyed. Seven mobile homes were destroyed and 94 had minor damage. Numerous trees were knocked down, and two fields had areas of damaged crops. Crop damage: $25,000. Property damage: $917,000. 4 200
11 July 23, 1997 Richland (F1) A tornado touched down three miles southeast of Columbia produced winds up to 100 mph, knocking down numerous trees and damaging 35 homes. Seventeen businesses also had minor damage. One person was injured. Property damage:$205,000 3 100
12 July 23, 1997 Richland (F0) A tornado touched down on the north side of Ft. Jackson and took down some trees in a training area. 2 75
13 July 23, 1997 Kershaw (F2) A tornado three miles southeast of Camden produced winds up to 135 mph, knocking down numerous trees. Two homes had major damage, and three had minor damage. One mobile home was destroyed, andthree others had minor damage. One person was injured. Property damage: $225,000 6 125
14 July 23, 1997 Abbeville (F0) A tornado touched down six miles northeast of Due West. Crop damage: $2,000. 3 50
15 July 24, 1997 Kershaw (F1) A tornado touched down four miles north of McBee, producing winds up to 90 mph. The tornado damaged a home north of Bethune before crossing the county and weakening to an F0, taking down many trees in the Carolina Sand Hills National Wildlife Refuge just north of McBee. Property damage: $25,000. 2 85
16 July 24, 1997 Chester (F1) Remnants of Hurricane Danny spawned a tornado that moved across a garbage truck transfer station in Ft. Lawn, lifting a trailer off the ground and turning it over. One mobile home ws destroyed, injuring an occupant. Property damage: $15,000 <1 25
17 September 24, 1997 Georgetown (F1) A tornado destroyed one mobile home and damaged four others in the North Santee area. Property damage: $50,000. 1 30

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