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Significant Tornadoes in South Carolina 1999

*Source - Storm Data Publication published by the National Climatic Data Center and severe weather reports issued by the National Weather Service.


Date County Description Length (miles) Width (yards)
1 February 19, 1999 Woodford (F0) Sheriff reported tornado touchdown southwest of Woodford. Damage survey confirmed a tornado touched down three miles west-southwest of Woodford near a church and then went into the woods. 1 20
2 April 1, 1999 Florence (F0) Six people witnessed a small funnel cloud decending near Effingham, moving a double-wide manufactured home off its foundation and damaging a tobacco barn at the corner of Hyman Rd and Friendfield Rd. Property damge: $6000. <1 15
3 April 8, 1999 Barnwell (F0) Spotter and damage survey confirmed an F0 tornado took down trees and powerlines 11 miles southeast of Barnwell. 1 50
4 April 8, 1999 Allendale (F1)A tornado touched down two miles west of Allendale. Roof damage to several buildings, numerous trees and powerlines down. Property damage: $25,000 9 50
5 April 15, 1999 Colleton (F1) Tornado touch down one mile west of Ritter. Roof damage occurred to a house and several outdoor buildings, along with several trees uprooted or snapped off 15 to 20 feet above the ground.Property damge: $10,000. 2 80
6 April 15, 1999 Barnwell (F1) KC4JMV and damage survey confirmed an F1 tornado took down numerous trees and powerlines along a 2 mile path starting seven miles south-southwest of Williston. Minor damage was also done to a home. Property damage:$3000. 2 100
7 April 15, 1999 Barnwell (F0) An F0 touched down on the east side of Hilda and damaged a small farm. One shed was destroyed, some equipment, and a few trees were down. Property damage: $3000. <1 75
8 April 15, 1999 Bamberg (F0) Damage survey confirmed an F0 tornado took down some trees and powerlines near Midway. <1 35
9 April 15, 1999 Allendale (F2) An F2 tornado touched down one mile northwest of Ulmers and destroyed 20 acres of watermelons and rolled a large tractor over several times. Numerous trees and powerlines were down along the track.Property damage: $2000. Crop damage: $20,000. 3 150
10 April 24, 1999 Newberry (F0) Storm survey confirmed an F0 touched down one mile east of Chappells and took some trees down. 1 50
11 April 24, 1999 Saluda (F0) An F0 tornado initially touched down 13 miles north-northwest of Saluda and intermittently touched down in wooded areas and fields, narrowly missing some homes. Damage was limited to trees down. 9 100
12 April 28, 1999 Berkeley (F1) A tornado touched down one mile south of Huger. One home had a large portion of the center of the roof removed, much of the stucco brick peeled off the north wall, and several windows blown out. Another house had minor damage with the tin roof damaged and the back door blown out. Also, there were several large trees uprooted or twisted off along the three mile path. Property damage: $50,000. 3 100
13 May 6, 1999 Darlington (F1) A tornado touched down at Darlington County Airport @ 1540EST with wind gusts near 110 mph that damaged an aircraft hangar. Property damage: $80,000. <1 20
14 May 6, 1999 Florence (F1) Tornado touched down in New Hope @ 1545 EST and did damage to a roof on a house and to a mobile home. Property damage: $60,000. <1 20
15 May 6, 1999 Horry (F1) A tornado touched down one mile south of Aynor and toppled a tree onto a house Property damage $25,000. 1 20
16 June 15, 1999 Edgefield (F0) Initial tornado touchdown was seven miles south-southeast of Colliers. The tornado took some tops out of trees and took down a fence at a horse farm. 1 30
17 September 29, 1999 Darlington (F1) A tornado touched down at Clyde, just west of the HB Robinson nuclear power plant, and tracked across the Pine Ridge area. The storm continued east-northeast, north of Hartsville across mostly rural areas, to near the Darlington County Jetport ending two miles north of Dovesville. 11 mobile homes were destroyed and 15 more were damaged. One house had major damage. Six businesses were listed as destroyed. Six people received minor injuries. Property damage $240,000. 15 20
18 October 4, 1999 Oconee (F0) A F0 Tornado was spotted in Tokeena Xrds @ 845 EST. Minimal damage occurred. Numerous 3 to 4 inch branches were torn off trees. A nearby store owner heard a roaring sound pass overhead, which in combination with radar imagery, leads the National Weather Service to log this event as a small, weak tornado. <1 25

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