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Significant Tornadoes in South Carolina 1996

*Source - Storm Data Publication published by the National Climatic Data Center and severe weather reports issued by the National Weather Service.


Date County Description Length (miles) Width (yards)
1 January 2, 1996 Orangeburg (F0) A tornado damaged a middle school and several other homes. Property Damage: $29,000. 1 50
2 January 2, 1996 Orangeburg (F0) A tornado touched down again 1 mile east of Orangeburg damaging a church. Property damage: $2000. <1 50
3 March 7, 1996 Orangeburg (F0) A tornado took down several large trees. Damage was done to a car, the deck of a home, and the roof of an agricultural building. Property damage: $5000. <1 30
4 March 7, 1996 Clarendon (F0) A tornado took down trees and power lines in Bloomville. <1 40
5 March 16, 1996 Fairfield (F0) A tornado touched down two miles west of Ridgeway near I-77 and highway 34 and caused damage to a roof of a home and took down several trees. <1 50
6 March 16, 1996 Kershaw (F0) A brief tornado knocked down at touch down. <1 40
7 April 26, 1996 Anderson (F1) A small tornado struck the Homeland community three miles south-southeast of Anderson County airport. The F1 tornado downed a number of large trees some of which fell on homes and vehicles. Some light structural damage to homes also occurred. An area of weaker damage from inflow to the storm occurred 1/4 to 1/2 miles south of the main damage track. Property damage: $75,000. 1 150
8 May 7, 1996 Aiken (F0) A small tornado touched down in a grove of trees along highway 1223 south of Monetta. <1 30
9 May 29, 1996 Kershaw (F0) A severe thunderstorm produced a strong F0 tornado that touched down at the crossroads of US1 and Highway 59. The tornado just missed a restaraunt and took down 2 to 4 foot diameter trees which damaged an animal farm. Large utility poles (wooden and steel) were damaged and had to be replaced. <1 50
10 May 29, 1996 Cherokee (F0) A small tornado downed trees and power lines near Blacksburg. Property damage: $3000. <1 30
11 May 29, 1996 Chester (F0) A small tornado touched down near Richburg. Trees were downed and outbuildings and sheds were destroyed. Property damage: $20,000. 1 100
12 July 10, 1996 Horry (F0) A waterspout sighted off Cherry Grove Beach moved ashore. No damage was reported. <1 20
13 July 26, 1996 Spartanburg (F1) A mobile home near Walnut Grove was blown off its foundation Walnut Grove, large pecan trees were destroyed. Homes were damaged by winds and falling trees. <1 20
14 July 26, 1996 Union (F0) A weak tornado was visible near Union. Intermittent touchdowns. No substantial damage was reported. <1 10
15 September 16, 1996 Sumter (F2) A tornado produced estimated winds of 120 mph when it touched down 25 miles east of Sumter. Three outbuildings were destroyed, one tree fell on a car and totaled it, another fell on a home, the roof of a two story house was ripped off and the upstairs ceiling caved in. A farm combine was also turned over and damaged. Property damage: $75,000. 2 150
16 September 16, 1996 Florence (F0) A tornado downed power lines near Sardis. <1 10
17 September 16, 1996 Florence (F0) South Lynches Fire Dept reported spotty tornado damage through wooded area. Tornado touchdown was 3 miles southwest of Lake City 1 10
18 September 16, 1996 Marion (F0) Amateur radio spotter sighted touchdown near Highway 501, two miles northest of Marion and reported spotty damage, downed trees and power lines along Highway 41 as storm moved northeast. Near Zion, a roof was torn off a pump house and two tobacco barns were destroyed. 4 10
19 September 16, 1996 Oconee (F1) A tornado took the roof off a home, damaged two churches, destroyed outbuildings and damaged other property. Tornado touchdown was three miles west of Tokeena Crossroads. Property damage: $200,000. 5 220
20 September 16, 1996 Anderson (F2) A tornado touched down 3 miles west-northwest of Sandy Springs. The tornado blew off roofs of well built homes, blew a moving car off the road and caused one injury. It scattered large debris on a golf course and injured another person. Large trees and power lines were snapped off. Highest estimated winds were around 150 mph. Property damage: $3 million. 6 440
21 September 16, 1996 Anderson (F1) A tornado caused significant damage to several businesses in the outskirts of the city of Anderson, two miles north of Anderson County airport. The roof was removed from a large section of a strip center and almost all of the new cars at one dealership lot were damaged from flying debris. Property damage: $1 million. <1 220
22 September 16, 1996 Anderson (F1) A tornado caused significant damage to a number of homes in a subdivision as well as other typical tornado damage. Tornado touchdown was five miles west-southwest of Piedmont. 5 220
23 September 16, 1996 Greenville (F0) This tornado crossed into Greenville from Anderson county. Propert damage $15,000 2 220
24 October 8, 1996 Horry (F0) This tornado was associated with the remnants of tropical storm Josephine. The tornado caused, damaging trees, power lines, and homes in the Brandy Mill and Lakewood Park subdivisions. 1 15

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