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Significant Tornadoes in South Carolina 2005

*Source - Storm Data Publication published by the National Climatic Data Center and severe weather reports issued by the National Weather Service.


Date County Description Length (miles) Width (yards)
1 January 13, 2005 McCormick (F0) NWS Storm Survey determined a tornado briefly touched down on SC33-138 near Parksville and took down trees before lifting two miles northeaast of Parksville. An approaching frontal system produced 3 supercells that moved through the western CSRA and Newberry county and . These supercells produced F0 tornadoes along their path that touched down in rural areas. <1 40
2 January 13, 2005 Laurens (F2) This tornado touched down in the Ekom Community nine miles southwest of the city of Laurens, where it damaged a couple of mobile homes. The tornado then tracked northeast to the area around Laurens High School, where some small sheds were destroyed and a portion of the roof removed from a house. At the high school, the roof of a brick concession facility was blown off. Just east of the school, a mobile home was destroyed and a building received significant roof damage. The tornado continued northeast toward the Whelon Rd area, uprooting and snapping off several large trees. 2 A small, guest house was damaged and a tractor overturned in this area. The tornado continued to snap and uproot large trees as it moved toward Welcome Church Rd, where 4 mobile homes were damaged and a frame home received minor roof damage. The damage path continued northeast, but ended about 200 yards north of highway 14. After briefly lifting, the tornado struck a tire distribution center just north of the highway 221 I-385 exchange. The roof of a building at the plant was damaged, which sparked a large fire in the building, burning it to the ground. An employee at the plant received minor injuries when debris fell on him. The tornado dissipated near highway 221 four miles north of Laurens. Property damage: $2.0 million. One injured. 12 350
3 January 13, 2005 Newberry (F0) Storm Survey determined a tornado from a supercell intermittently touched down on SC hwys 56 and 560 two miles north of Chappells taking down trees and breaking others in half. The tornado lifted one mile southwest of Kinards 11 40
4 April 12, 2005 Anderson (F0) This weak tornado touched down near highway 185, just east of the 413 intersection, where some pine trees were snapped. The tornado produced intermittent damage over the next 3 miles. Large tree limbs were blown down just east of Wright Elementary. The tornado continued east/northeast, causing roof damage to a church near Saylors Crossing. A pine tree was uprooted near this location as well. The tornado blew down some large limbs before lifting near the intersection of SSR 119 and highway 20 12 miles southeast of Anderson. Property damage: $3000. 3 50
5 April 12, 2005 Newberry (F0) FOX TV reported a tornado briefly touched down near hwys 176 and 121 six miles south of Whitmire. The twister only damaged some trees. <1 60
6 April 22, 2005 Pickens (F1) This tornado touched down three miles north-northwest of Pickens, where 3 barns were destroyed near the intersection of Gravley Rd and Artie Rd. Numerous trees were blown down from the intersection of Red Hill and Reece Mill Rds east to highway 178. The tornado continued an intermittent ENE track, snapping off and uprooting numerous trees along an 8 mile path before lifting west of Dacusville, six miles northeast of Pickens. At least one tree fell on a house, and at least one car was damaged. Newspaper reported thousands of power outages across the county. Property damage: $15,000. 8 75
7 May 30, 2005 Charleston (F1) On James Island, several large road signs were damaged or destroyed, power lines were downed, and numerous trees uprooted or snapped off. Vinyl siding was ripped off of several homes and gutters were destroyed. There was some roof damage and a porch was partially destroyed. 4 30
8 July 3, 2005 Newberry (F1) NWS Storm Survey determined a tornado completely destroyed a modular building and took down trees and powerlines at SC121 and Belfast road. A wheat field was also laid flat by the tornado. Property damage: $15,000. Crop damage: $1000. 1 75
9 July, 3 2005 Abbeville (F1) Tornado touchdown near highway 185 five miles northwest of Due West. Damage was mainly confined to numerous trees that were blown down along the three-quarter mile path. Oone home did receive some roof damage Property damage: $10,000. 1 50
10 July 7, 2005 Anderson (F1) This tornado began over the northern part of Lake Hartwell, possibly over the lake, as the initial damage was to docks and around a dozen sailboats on the northeast shore of the lake nine miles west of Anderson. One boat was tossed about 100 yards. Several trees were also blown down onshore. Property damage: $150,000. 1 50
11 July 7, 2005 Spartanburg (F0) This tornado touched down in far northern Spartanburg County four miles northwest of Chesnee, blowing down several trees before tracking northeast into North Carolina. <1 50
12 Jul 13, 2005 Beaufort (F0) Tornado touchdown near SR 170 on the Broad River one mile northeast of Parris Island. 1 100
13 Jul 13, 2005 Beaufort (F0) Brief tornado touchdown two miles south of Beaufort. No damage reported. <1 20
14 Jul 13, 2005 Beaufort (F0) Brief tornado reported near Pritchardville four miles west of Bluffton. No damge reported. <1 20

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