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Significant Tornadoes in South Carolina 1995

*Source - Storm Data Publication published by the National Climatic Data Center and severe weather reports issued by the National Weather Service.


Date County Description Length (miles) Width (yards)
1 January 6, 1995 Richland (F1) A tornado dipped down east of Lake Murray. Roofs were torn off apartments and one home near Ballentine. Extensive damage was done to trees, power lines, and homes in the immediate path. The tornado caused about $10 million in damages in Richland county and left about 29,000 homes without power. 3 100
2 January 6, 1995 Fairfield (F1) Severe thunderstorm moved from two miles south of Ridgeway to six miles southeast of Ridgeway. Trees down and power outages occurred with Highway 34 south of Ridgeway blocked by fallen trees. The thunderstorm spawned a small tornado near Centerfield where more extensive damage to trees, utilities were noted. Observer visually saw tornado lower to ground. <1 100
3 January 14, 1995 Newberry (F0) A small tornado touched down in a wooded area near Prosperity in the vicinity of highways 202 and 434. <1 40
4 January 14, 1995 Newberry (F0) A small tornado touched down near Pomaria and sheared off a couple of trees. <1 20
5 January 14, 1995 Orangeburg (F0) A tornado touched down in Bowlentown community and severely damaged a large storage shed. <1 20
6 January 14, 1995 Oconee (F1)No description 30 10
7 January 14, 1995 Lexington (F1) The tornado stayed on the ground continuously for one mile with several touchdowns over another mile. Heavy damage was done to timber. 1 75
8 March 8, 1995 Greenville (F0) A small tornado touched down in a wooded area causing mainly tree damage. Siding was blown off a house in Taylors. 1 10
9 March 8, 1995 Greenwood (F1) This tornado touched down around Highway 10, destroying one mobile home and damaging several others. Some houses were also damaged. A couple of carports were torn from houses and a number of trees and power lines were downed. 1 30
10 May 1, 1995 Pickens (F0) A weak tornado touched down causing only nuisance type damage. 1 30
11 May 1, 1995 Cherokee (F0) A tornado caused a fair amount of damage from Gaffney to Blacksburg. Inflow into the tornado blew down a storage building and knocked down some trees in the city of Gaffney. Along Interstate 85 the tornado's winds blew down some billboards, trees and power lines. Several people saw the tornado funnel. This tornado blew down a storage building and knocked down some trees in the city of Gaffney. 9 50
12 May 1, 1995 York (F0) Tornado moved from SC46-43 in southwest York northeastward to U.S. 321 in northern York. The tornado was mostly a "tree-topper" with four separate touchdowns. The first touchdown blew trees on a home, flattened a garage onto a car with total damage of 20K, The second touchdown destroyed a large lumber storage building at ACE Hardware and partially deroofed another causing a loss of $15,000. The third touchdown took down a grove of trees and sheared off the top of others. The last touchdown took half the roof off a building with a loss of $10,000. Thunderstorm blew down trees and power lines in Clover. 1 50
13 May 1, 1995 Chester (F0) A small tornado touched down nine miles west-northwest of Chester. It took the roof off of a barn, completely destroyed a small metal building and scattered its contents over a several hundred yard area. <1 20
14 May 15, 1995 Newberry (F0) No description reported. <1 30
15 May 15, 1995 Berkeley (F0) A tornado blew a mobile home off its foundation. <0 30
16 June 5, 1995 Beaufort (F1) A waterspout moved onshore at Hilton Head Island causing damage at several shopping centers. A grocery store lost its roof, an office building under construction was destroyed, a child care center was damaged, and 35 parked vehicles sustained damages. 3 40
17 June 12, 1995 Beaufort (F1) A large thunderstorm moved across Fripp, St. Helena and Harbor Islands blowing down trees and causing considerable wind damage. A tornado touched down near a migrant workers camp. One dormitory lost its roof and there were trees twisted off above ground level. The storm required the evacuation of 150 people and more than 100 power outages. 7 130
18 June 27, 1995 Clarendon (F0) A tornado destroyed a double-wide mobile home and damaged a nearby store four miles north of Manning. <1 30
19 July 6, 1995 Darlington (F0) A short tornado knocked down trees five miles northeast of Hartsville. <1 10
20 July 6, 1995 Darlington (F0) A tornado touched down 12 miles northeast of Hartsville. <1 30
21 October 5, 1995 Chesterfield A tornado was spawned off of remnants of Hurricane Opal and touched down four miles north-northeast of McBee. Many trees were blown down in the Carolina Sandhill National Wildlife Refuge. <1 50
22 October 5, 1995 Greenville (F0) A tornado developed from an intense rain band associated with Hurricane Opal. A number of trees and power lines were blown down onto vehicles and structures. Some campers and boats were destroyed and homes were damaged. 3 10
23 October 27, 1995 Marion (F1) A tornado touched down in west Marion in the Pine Lake area, moved through English Park area to U.S. Highway 501. Downed trees caused additional property damage and downed power lines. No injuries 3 40
24 October 27, 1995 Richland (F0) A strong cold front produced a short squall line of storms that dumped large hail over the midlands of South Carolina and the Central Savanah River area of Georgia. An F0 tornado also developed just northwest of Columbia which took down some trees. Wind damage in Lexington blew down large signs, power lines, and trees near Lake Murray. <1 50
25 November 2, 1995 Lexington (F3) Three mobile homes, two frame houses, and one shed were destroyed. 2 250
26 November 2, 1995 Calhoun (F2) A tornado destroyed one home and severely damaged another. Six outbuildings and two grain bins were destroyed along with farm equipment. One car was overturned. 1 200
27 November 2, 1995 Clarendon (F0) A tornado touched down two miles south-southeast of Summerton in a grove of trees and knocked them down. <1 50
28 November 7, 1995 Greenwood (F0) A tornado touched down near Troy at 1400 EST. 3 100
29 November 7, 1995 Greenwood (F0) A weak tornado touched down six miles east-northeast of the town of Troy and moved east northeast at 60 mph. The tornado moved into a small area of McCormick County and then back into Greenwood County. Damage was primarily limited to downed trees and power lines but some roof damage to homes was reported and some outbuildings were destroyed. $25,000 worth of property damage. 4 100
30 November 7, 1995 Darlington (F1) Estimated path due to spotty touchdowns. Initial touchdown near Byrdtown. Dozen of trees down, 16 structures were damaged, three houses suffered major wall and roof damage, a mobile home was destroyed, a garage was badly damaged, and a large shed collapsed on trucks and farm machinery. 3 40
31 November 7, 1995 Florence (F2) A tornado touched down three miles east of Florence. Trees down, one mobile home and 12 cars destroyed, and the tornado badly damaged an apartment complex near Francis Marion College.Property damage: $200,000. 1 40
32 November 7, 1995 Dillon (F0) A tornado briefly touched down near Pleasent Hill and uprooted a giant pecan tree, damaging a house. <1 30
33 November 7, 1995 Marion (F4) A tornado destroyed one mobile home and leveled a church sanctuary. The church bell was found 400 yards east of the church. A house suffered major roof damage. Initial touch down near Penderboro. Property damage: $800,000. 1 40
34 November 7, 1995 Williamsburg (F0) A tornado touched down breifly three miles west of Kingstree and destroyed a mobile home and scattered cotton bales. Crop and property damage: $30,000. <1 20
35 November 7, 1995 Williamsburg (F1) Two tornado touchdowns destroyed a laundromat and downed trees onto homes near Kingstree. 11 Injuries. Property damage $350,000. <1 20
36 November 7, 1995 Williamsburg (F1) Several mobile homes were damaged or destroyed near Sandridge. Property damage: $150,000. <1 20
37 November 7, 1995 Horry (F2) An estimated five tornado touchdowns ran a track in ten minutes from near the Conway Raceway northeast along US Highway 378 to the Little River area on SC Highway 90. Major damage was done to 50 residential and five commercial buildings. Minor damage was done to 85 residential and 20 commercial buildings. Hundreds of large trees were twisted and snapped. 5 100
38 November 7, 1995 Georgetown (F1) A tornado briefly touched down, severely damaging houses and snapping off tree tops near Sampit. <1 20
39 November 7, 1995 Georgetown (F1) A tornado briefly touched down and mangled large steel beams of a building under construction. <1 20
40 November 7, 1995 Berkeley (F0) A tornado ripped the roof off of a fire station, damaged a nearby mobile home, and downed trees and power lines.
41 November 7, 1995 Charleston (F0) A waterspout moved ashore from over the Cooper River. 1 25
42 November 7, 1995 Colleton (F0) A small tornado touched down but no damage was reported. NA NA
43 November 7, 1995 Beaufort (F1) 17 homes were damaged by a tornado on Hilton Head Plantation, including four homes on "Millionaire Row." Numerous trees were leveled. NA NA
44 November 7, 1995 Beaufort (F0) A 14 ft jonboat was smashed apart as well as a new 16 ft catamaran and its trailer. A tree fell on the roof of a car and there was gutter damage to several nearby homes. NA NA
45 November 7, 1995 Aiken (F2) A tornado completely destroyed four large poultry houses and a peach processing building. Large farm equipment was destroyed and one person was injured. Property damage: $460,000 2 250
46 November 7, 1995 Lexington (F0) A tornado touched down near Cayce and caused damage to homes, businesses and trees. <1 50
47 November 7, 1995 Aiken (F0) A tornado damaged two homes and many trees near Salley. 1 50
48 November 7, 1995 Richland (F0) A tornado touched down at the fairgrounds and caused damage to several buildings. <1 50
49 November 7, 1995 Lexington (F0) A tornado damaged two mobile homes and trees. <1 50
50 November 7, 1995 Lexington (F1) Tornado damaged numerous homes and billboards one mile southeast of Lexington. One house moved four feet off of its foundation. A landscaping business was destroyed. 3 250
51 November 7, 1995 Orangeburg (F0) A tornado touched down two miles north of North and damaged a mobile home and took down trees. <1 50
52 November 7, 1995 Orangeburg (F1) A tornado touched down three miles north of Orangeburg destroyed 16 mobile homes, seriously damaged 11 others and one frame home, and knocked trees down. Most of the damage occurred along U.S. 178. Three people were slightly injured.Property damage: $200,000. 3 250
53 November 7, 1995 Calhoun (F2) A tornado touched down three miles west-northwest of Eloree and severely damaged a horse training center, a track, and a home. 2 250
54 November 7, 1995 Chesterfield (F0) Minor damage was done to a farm and trees were knocked down three miles west of McBee. <1 50
55 November 7, 1995 Clarendon (F0) Minor damage was done to a home and trees were downed two miles west of Jordan. <1 50
56 November 7, 1995 Clarendon (F0) Tornado touched down one mile south of Bloomville did minor damage to a farm. Trees were knocked down. <1 75
57 November 7, 1995 Greenwood (F0) Tornado damaged trees, power lines, and roofs. NA NA
58 November 7, 1995 Greenwood (F0) A weak tornado downed trees, power lines, and damaged several roofs. NA NA

NA= Data not available. Tornado not found in NCDC storm database.

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