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Significant Tornadoes in South Carolina 2007

*Source - Storm Data Publication published by the National Climatic Data Center and severe weather reports issued by the National Weather Service.


Date County Description Length (miles) Width (yards)
1 January 5, 2007 Pickens (F1) This tornado touched down very briefly in the parking lot of the Liberty Elementary School. Nine vehicles were severely damaged. At least four vehicles were lifted off the ground or flipped over by the wind. Some of the vehicles were occupied by parents awaiting school dismissal. Fifteen people received minor injuries, five were transported to the hospital. A shed was also blown over. Property damage: $50,000. <1 30
2 January 5, 2007 Spartanburg (F0) A short damage track began on Bethany Church Rd three miles northwest of Moore and extended northeast before ending on highway 290. Two sheds were destroyed and the roof partially blown off a larger shed. Part of a deck was torn off a house. Also, several 8 inch diameter pine trees were snapped and numerous limbs were blown down. Property damage: $10,000. <1 20
3 February 13, 2007 McCormick (EF1) An EF1 tornado started in Meriweather and intermittently touched down along a northeast track to 16 miles northeast of Meriwether. Minor damage was done to two homes with trees down along its path. Property damage: $4000. 16 200
4 February 13, 2007 Edgefield An EF1 intermittently touched down along a 15 mile track from 12 miles west-southwest of Edgefield to six miles north of Edgefield. Trees were taken down along the path and 3 outbuildings were destroyed and one severely damaged at the intersection of hwys 25 and 283. Crop damage: $15,000.. 15 60
5 February 13, 2007 Allendale (EF1) A tornado developed one mile southeast of Allendale and traveled north-northeast about 60 yards before lifting. The tornado was 30 yards wide and had maximum wind speeds estimated to be 90 mph. This tornado uprooted trees and damaged the skirting of a mobile home. Property damage: $3000. <1 30
6 February 13, 2007 Aiken (EF1) An EF1 touched down four miles southeast of Olar near hwy 64 and continued northeast taking down trees along its path before lifting five miles east-southeast of Olar. 2 40
7 March 2, 2007 Aiken (EF0) An EF0 took down trees and did minor damage to a couple of homes along Talatha road before lifting three miles north-northeast of Laketon. 5 80
8 April 15, 2007 Bamberg (EF0) An EF0 tracked across the rural roads taking down trees and a few powerlines in its path. The tornado touched down five miles south-southeast of Springtown and ended four miles southwest of Bamberg Carlisle airport. Property damage: $1000. 8 50
9 April 15, 2007 Bamberg (EF0) An EF0 traveled across rural roads southwest to northeast of Ehrhardt taking down trees along its path. The tornado touched down two miles south-southeaast of Erhardt and ended three miles west-northwest of Embree. 4 50
10 April 15, 2007 Sumter (EF3) An EF3 tornado traveled from southwest to northeast of Sumter destroying a seven mobile homes, severely damaging nine framed homes, and doing light to moderate damage to an additional 62 mobile and framed homes. There was 1 fatality and 5 injuries. The tornado touched down as an EF1 four miles north-northwest of Pinewood and ended as an EF3 where the fatality occurred at a mobile home on hwy 76, two miles west-northwest of Mayesville. 19 300
11 April 15, 2007 Lee (EF1) An tornado took down numerous trees, a few powerlines, did minor damage to Mt. Pleasant AME church at the intersection of Vista Lane and Wells Church road, and did minor damage to a mobile home. The tornado began four miles east-southeast of ST Charles and ended two miles east-southeast of Elliott. Property damage: $5000. 4 200
12 April 15, 2007 Orangeburg (EF0) An EF0 touched down SE of Rowesville and traveled NE to two miles north-northeast of Bowman. Trees and a couple of powerlines were taken down along the path on SR 38-80, Classic Rd, Turkeyend St, Candlewood Ct, Dibble st, and SR 36.Property damage:$1000. 6 50
13 April 15, 2007 Colleton (EF1) This tornado snapped off or uprooted hundreds of trees...destroyed a large framed barn with debris spread over a half mile to the northeast. A large object hit a house breaking out three windows and knocking some of the bricks loose. Siding was also torn from the house. A large 8000 pound horse trailer was lifted up and carried 500 feet. An 800 pound grain wagon was lifted and carried 400 feet before landing on the ground. A bass boat was flipped over and a 4 wheeler was damaged along with other farm equipment. A tree also fell on a mobile home. The tornado touched down two miles south of Islandton and lifted one mile southeast of Islandton. Winds with this Tornado were estimated to be 110 mph using the new Enhanced Fujita Scale. Property damage:$100,000. 1 60
14 April 15, 2007 Colleton (EF1) A tornado touched down two miles east-southeast of Islandton. This tornado carried two empty grain silos about 100 feet, snapped off or uprooted dozens of trees, destroyed a large portion of an outbuilding, and severely injured a dog. Maximum sustained winds with this tornado were estimated to be 95 mph. Property damage: $10,000. 1 30
15 April 15, 2007 Colleton (EF1) A tornado touched down three miles south-southwest of Ruffin and lifted one mile southwest of Ruffin four minutes later. This tornado overturned 3 mobile homes and shifted another 7 mobile homes off there foundations. It tore the skirting away from another mobile home, destroyed a storage shed, and snapped off or uprooted dozens of trees. A couple of trees fell on a house. A vehicle and an outbuilding were also damaged. There were 9 minor injuries. Winds with this tornado were estimated to be 100 mph using the Enhanced Fujita Scale. Property damage: $200,000. 2 80
16 June 11, 2007 Fairfield (EF0) An EF0 touched down one mile north-northwest of White Oak and took down large trees and did minor damage to a church. Two vehicles were crushed under one tree with no occupants inside. Property damage: $35,000. 1 80
17 June 11, 2007 Florence (EF1) National Weather Service Storm Survey concluded an EF1 Tornado with winds around 100 mph caused spotty damage along a path 1500 yards long and 30 yards wide between Old Number 4 Highway four miles west of Coward and McAllister Mill Road three miles west-northwest of Coward. Softwood trees were snapped. Chicken and animal pens were damaged and one hen died. One heavy shed was tossed. Tree debris caused minor roof and siding damage to three mobile homes. One brick home had a window blown out and sustained minor roof damage. Property damage: $10,000. 1 30
18 July 11, 2007 Horry (EF1) A NWS storm survey concluded an tornado with winds between 100 and 110 mph caused damage along a path 100 yards long and 10 yards wide on D Street, just off of US Highway 501 two miles west-northwest of Mary. A few softwood trees were snapped at the trunk, and a large oak tree was heavily damaged. A house lost siding and had one broken window, and its well house was tossed. <1 10
19 September 14, 2007 Laurens (EF1) A small area of tornado damage occurred along Greenpond Rd near its intersection with Shiloh Church Rd two miles east-northeast of Hickory Tavern. A chimney was blown off a house that also had several windows blown out. The house also received significant roof damage. A mobile home in the same area also received significant roof damage and was shifted off its foundation. <1 20

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