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Significant Tornadoes in South Carolina 1998

*Source - Storm Data Publication published by the National Climatic Data Center and severe weather reports issued by the National Weather Service.


Date County Description Length (miles) Width (yards)
1 January 7, 1998 Pickens (F2) A tornado developed from a fast moving severe thunderstorm that raced north out of eastern Georgia. The F2 tornado touched down two miles south of Easley and destroyed several houses and mobile homes and severely damaged many other homes and businesses. Damage was sustained to the south of the track of the tornado due to strong inflow into the storm. Damage from severe thunderstorm winds in the rear flank downdraft occurred north into Easley. Property damage: $3 million. 2 35
2 March 8, 1998 Bamberg (F0) A tornado touched down three miles east of Govan near highway 301 downing several trees. 1 100
3 March 8, 1998 Orangeburg (F2) An F2 tornado tracked along highway 4 near Pine Hill. It picked up 2 mobile homes, took them 35 ft into the air, and brought them down on top of a 35 ft by 75 ft cinder block building 30 yards away completely destroying the mobile homes and the building. Other damage was done to a couple other mobile and permanent homes, and also to a church roof. A second 12 ft by 24 ft cinder block building was also demolished. Property damage: $80,000. 1 75
4 March 8, 1998 Orangeburg (F2) A tornado that touched down four miles south-southwest of Vance did major damage to a horse farm and race track. Several horses were injured, and debris from the horse farm was found as far as three miles away. Major damage was done to a house and two mobile homes. Several mobile homes and houses sustained minor damage. Property damage: $220,000. 5 100
5 March 8, 1998 Clarendon (F0) The tornado near Vance jumped Lake Marion and briefly touched down near Coopers Landing, breaking off a telephone pole and some trees. Property damage: $2,000. 1 65
6 March 8, 1998 Dillon (F0) The Dillon County Sheriff reported a funnel cloud and trees downed. <1 30
7 March 8, 1998 Horry (F0) A tornado damaged two homes and a garage in the Pleasant View community six miles north of Aynor. Property damage: $25,000. <1 30
8 April 3, 1998 Jasper (F1) A tornado touched down two miiles north of Ridgeland. Mobile home damaged, roof damage to another home and numerous trees down. 1 30
9 April 9, 1998 Jasper (F1) A tornado that touched down 2 miles west of Hardeeville uprooted and snapped off trees, blew shingles off roofs,and damaged several other buildings. Property damages: $50,000. 1 150
10 April 19, 1998 Laurens (F0) A tornado that touched down three miles west of Waterloo did $70,000 in damages in the area, blowing trees onto structures and vehicles. 5 50
11 April 19, 1998 York (F0) A tornado just west of Clover took the tin roof off a barn and blew the camper shell off a truck resulting in $500 in damages. Two skywarn weather spotters had visual contact with this tornado. <1 20
12 April 19, 1998 York (F0) A woman observed a brief tornado touchdown in a field on the south side of Rock Hill. <1 10
13 May 4, 1998 Charleston A funnel cloud was spotted near the Charleston Air Force Base, but there was no damage. 0 0
14 May 7, 1998 Edgefield (F3) A tornado touched down 10 miles northwest of Edgefield taking down numerous trees and doing $300,000 in damage to several homes. 5 880
15 May 7, 1998 Edgefield (F2) A tornado touched down six miles west of Johnston doing $500,000 in damage to several homes and businesses. 6 440
16 May 7, 1998 Edgefield (F3) A tornado destroyed or severely damaged nearly 60 houses and mobile homes and a church. One person was killed when her mobile home took a direct hit and was completely destroyed. Many trees were downed. The tornado initially touched down 12 miles southwest of Edgefield. Property damage: $1 million. 12 880
17 May 7, 1998 McCormick (F0) A tornado downed trees and did minor damage to some homes in the Meriwether area. 1 100
18 May 7, 1998 McCormick (F0) A tornado downed trees at Clarks Hill Recreation Area. 1 100
19 May 7, 1998 Saluda (F1) A tornado that topuched down two miles west-southwest of Ward damaged several buildings and homes. It also picked up two cotton bin holders and threw them 100 yards. Property damage: $50,000. 2 150
20 May 7, 1998 Aiken (F0) A tornado in the Aiken area near I-20 and highway 19 downed trees. 3 100
21 May 7, 1998 Oconee (F0) A tornado was spotted five miles west of Walhalla. <1 50
22 May 7, 1998 Oconee (F0) A weak tornado briefly touched down in Oakway downing trees and blowing roofs off outbuildings. Property damage: $5000. <1 50
23 May 7, 1998 Abbeville (F0) A weak, short-lived tornado downed numerous large trees and blew a carport off a house and underpinning off a trailer near Due West. Touchdown was two miles north-northwest of Due West Property damage: $30,000. 5 50
24 May 7, 1998 Greenwood (F1) A weak tornado touched down near the Abbeville county line three miles west of Hodges and moved towards Hodges damaging buildings, lifting a pick-up truck off the ground and lodging it in a tree, killing goats and pigs, and downing hundreds or trees. Property damage: $75,000. 10 100
25 May 8, 1998 Berkeley (F1) A tornado two miles southwest St. Stephen took a portion of a roof off and uprooted and snapped off numerous trees. 1 50
26 May 10, 1998 Dorchester (F0) A tornado in the St George area damaged home's roof,destroyed a shed, threw a boat 40 feet, and uprooted trees. Property damages: $4,500. 1 50
27 May 10, 1998 Dorchester (F0) A tornado a mile northwest of Summerville downed several trees and large limbs. 1 40
28 May 10, 1998 Berkeley (F2) The tornado that briefly touched down earlier in Dorchester County crossed Interstate 26 into Berkeley County, touching down three miles north-northwest of Ladson and ending in Goose Creek. 442 were homes damaged: 17 were destroyed, 113 sustained major damage, and the remainder had minor damage. A 90 year old female was injured severely when her mobile home was flipped and thrown more than 40 feet. She died several hours later. Seven others people were injured. Several eye witnesses reported seeing vortices rotating around the main funnel. This fact was proven by the damage pattern in several areas. Property damage: $5 million. 10 660
29 May 10, 1998 Sumter (F0) An tornado touched down near Pinewood and took some trees down around Panola and Avin roads. <1 30
30 May 10, 1998 Berkeley (F0) A tornado in the St. Stephen area downed several trees and limbs,damaged a mobile home, did minor damage to several roofs, and destroyed an outdoor shed. Property damage: $3,000. 1 35
31 June 2, 1998 Saluda (F0) A small tornado touched down in a cluster of trees five miles southeast of Saluda. <1 40
32 June 2, 1998 Anderson There were reports of funnel clouds associated with a severe thunderstorm and an unconfirmed report of a tornado touchdown south of Anderson. NA NA
33 June 4, 1998 Edgefield (F0) SKYWARN spotter reported touchdown in field behind his house a mile east of Trenton. <1 50
34 June 4, 1998 Chester (F0) Police officers observed twin tornadoes touch down briefly in a field five miles northwest of Chester, but no damage was produced. <1 50
35 June 6, 1998 Sumter (F0) A strong tornado touch down four miles south of Rembert downed trees and power lines. Two mobile homes sustained minor damage and two sheds sustained moderate damage. Property damage: $2,000. <1 150
36 June 6, 1998 Spartanburg (F0) A tornado was spotted in the Pacolet Mills area. The tornado produced a mile long swath of tree damage in a wooded area. 1 10
37 June 6, 1998 Union (F1) A weak tornado in the Carlisle area produced a swath of damage, 2 miles long in the vicinity of Carlisle. Trees fell on several houses, across roads, and across railroad tracks. 2 50
38 June10, 1998 Florence (F0) A tornado in the Lake City area downed power lines and did spotty damage as it passed through woods crossed highway 341 and crossed the County line. Touch. Property damage:$10,000. 2 20
39 June 10, 1998 Williamsburg (F1) The Lake City tornado touched down six miles northeast of Cades downing power lines and damaging trees dalong its path. Two homes were badly damaged and five had minor damage.The structural damage occurred eaast of Kingstree and on highway 527. Farm equipment and tobacco and corn crops were also damaged. Property damage: $72,000. Crop damage: $100,000. 20 25
40 June 19, 1998 Florence (F0) A tornado in the Scranton area downed trees in the Camp Branch Community, damaged the roof of the Lake City-Scranton Convalescent Center, and turned over a mobile home. Property damage: $80,000. 8 25
41 September, 3 1998 Orangeburg (F0) Law enforcement reported two small tornadoes rotating around each other three miles south of Holly Hill in the swamp east of highway 453. 1 50
42 September, 3 1998 Georgetown (F0) Hurricane Earl came ashore on the Florida Gulf Coast as a tropical storm, and passed across the Carolinas during the day and evening of 9/3/98. A tornado briefly touched down near Choppee in Georgetown County. <1 20
43 September, 3 1998 Beaufort (F2) A tornado spawned by the remnants of Hurricane Earl touched down eight miles east-southeast of Frogmore. Thirteen homes were destroyed and another thirteen were heavily damaged, most of them were mobile homes. One mobile home was flipped in the air and smashed to the ground where a 66-year old female was crushed to death. Numerous trees were snapped off 5 to 15 feet above the ground with others uprooted. The worse of the damage was concentrated in an area approximately 2.5 to 3 miles long across Fripp Island to near Morgan Island. The tornado then crossed the St Helena Sound and moved into Colleton County. Property damage: $360,000. 15 75
44 September, 3 1998 Colleton (F1) This tornado's track began four miles south-southeast of Bennett's Point. Tornado damage was confined mostly to wooded marsh area which uprooted or snapped off trees. 3 50
45 September, 3 1998 Colleton (F1) A tornado touched down seven mile south-southeast of Greens Pond. This tornado took a roof off a barn and snapped off or uprooted several trees on a private plantation. 1 40
46 September, 3 1998 Berkeley (F2) A tornado touched down two miles southeast of Moncks Corner and ended five miles northeast of Moncks Corner. Seventy-three homes were damaged, fourteen mobile homes destroyed and seven homes destroyed. The Fairlawn subdivision, just southeast of Moncks corner was hardest hit. 7 430

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